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Coming Back Stronger after an ACL Surgery

Knee Injury

Tearing your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) can be devastating and leave you feeling defeated and emotionally destroyed.  For some, it means the end of their athletic career, but for patients working with the therapists at Norfolk Physical Therapy, an ACL tear is an opportunity for a great comeback story.
No matter how much you have prepared for ACL surgery recovery, it is a process that entails patience. However, aiding in your recovery by elevating your leg, applying cold and compression therapy, and doing regular physical therapy exercises can help ensure that you recuperate safely and quickly.  

ACL Tear

Post-Surgery Physical Therapy

Immediately after ACL surgery, you will not be able to extend your knee completely. The primary goal during the first couple weeks after surgery is to straighten entirely, and possibly even hyperextend, the knee joint. Preferably, by the end of two weeks, both of your knees will have a similar degree of extension.

After recovering full extension, the focus shifts to starting a muscle strengthening program. By performing physical therapy on a regular schedule, the range of motion in the knee joint will drastically improve along with an increase of strength in the supporting muscles around the knee. It is important to slowly build up to more extended physical therapy sessions and heavier weights during this time. Do not return to your level of physical activity before the ACL surgery just because the pain has started to lessen and range of motion is almost back to normal. Maintain the therapy program that was developed for you to continue building strength, increasing flexibility, and improving range of motion.

Physical Therapy in Norfolk, NE

Always check with your physical therapist to ensure that your recovery after an ACL surgery is on track and that you are doing appropriate exercises that will support rehabilitation. To learn post-surgery physical therapy and rehabilitation, call Norfolk Physical Therapy at (402) 371-9707 today!

Posted on: Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Last modified on: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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