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Healing Sports Injuries with Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy for Sports Injuries
The end of summer is fast approaching and the kids are going back to school. That means, early mornings, hectic schedules, and sports injuries. Sports provide kids with physical, social and psychological benefits. As parents and coaches, our goal is to maximize these benefits while minimizing our athletes’ risk of injuries. When sports injuries occur, Norfolk Physical Therapy is here to restore your function and get you back to living a full and active life.

A number of things can trigger sports injuries. Fatigue, overuse, and dehydration are significant factors in causing an injury. Managing sports injuries often require physical rehabilitation. Physical Therapy assists in rebuilding strength and movement in areas of the body after an injury. Physical Therapy helps to control pain and prevent permanent damage and recurring problems.

5 Tips for a Safe Sports Experience

1. Get a Sports Physical

Visit your family doctor or healthcare provider to get an exam. The goal of this exam is to maximize both the health of the athlete and his or her safe participation in sports. This exam may help identify conditions that predispose the athlete to injury or illness and can provide strategies for preventions.

2. Warm-Up Your Muscles

It is vital to start any physical activity with five to ten minutes of a warm-up. Examples may include a brisk walk, jogging, jumping rope, or jumping jacks. Warming up prepares the body for vigorous physical activity, improving blood flow, increasing the body’s temperature, and enhancing the range of motion of the joints.

3. Stay Hydrated

Hydration should begin at least two hours before the start of exercise. Athletes must drink fluids while exercising to stay adequately hydrated - a loss of 1 percent body weight can result in a drop in athletic performance. Encourage your athlete to drink fluids early and often, particularly in the warm weather.

4. Avoid Heat-Related Illness

With the warm summer temps, athletes are at risk for heat-related illnesses. One of the top causes of death in sports is heat stroke. Sufficient warm-up and staying hydrated help to keep the body from overheating and causing damage.

5. Do Not Overdo It

It is essential that athletes stay safe and avoid overtraining and overuse sports injuries. Athletes should never play through an injury, nor should it be ignored. Overuse injuries can be subtle over time, and early recognition and prevention are key.

Our goal at Norfolk Physical Therapy is to restore your highest level of function after a sports injury. Through physical therapy treatments and rehabilitation services, we will get you back to living a full and active life. Call us at (402) 371-9707 or visit our Sports Physical Therapy Page today!

Posted on: Friday, August 11, 2017
Last modified on: Friday, August 11, 2017

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