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Helpful Tips to Prevent Summer Gardening Injuries

Summer is fast approaching, but are you ready? Everyone wants to get out and enjoy the sunshine and barbecues and drinks next to the water. One of the most popular things that summer brings is yard work and gardening. With that comes the possibility for strained muscles, sore backs, and joint pain. After coming out of the winter months, little or no physical activity due to the lack of nice weather can create aches and pains. Therefore, our muscles, tendons and joints are not used to all the physical activity which makes the spring and early summer a prime time for gardening injuries. You can prevent harming yourself if you do a few of the following simple pre-gardening tricks.

#1: It is important to warm up before engaging in strenuous activity that can come along with gardening. It may seem silly, but being on your hands and knees in the dirt digging, pulling, watering, etc. definitely takes a toll on your muscles and joints. Just by doing a few simple stretches before your activity can save your body from the pain of strained muscles.
#2: Be sure to keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water. Water is not only important for keeping you cool, but it also keeps the muscles going and actually can help build your muscles.
#3: Make sure you use gardening tools that take the load off for you. Do not use tools that are going to make you work harder and possibly cause injury.
#4: If you find that you are sore after your gardening work is complete, you can ice the area; however, do not place the ice directly on the skin. Wrap it in a towel and let sit on the affected area for no more than 15 minutes.
#5: If you find that you are still sore afterwards, you may want to consider contacting your Physical Therapist. It is possible that you have strained muscles or joints.


Norfolk Physical Therapy is here for you and wants to help. You can call (402) 371-9707 to speak with someone about your injury or you can go online to to check out more information on their website!

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Posted on: Monday, May 1, 2017
Last modified on: Monday, May 1, 2017

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