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Knee Replacement Recovery Tips for Patients

Knee Injury

Is knee replacement surgery on your calendar? Do yourself a huge favor and start to prepare now. Many patients are unaware of the phases of recovery after a surgical procedure. These knee replacement recovery tips will help you better understand the process, assist with controlling knee pain, and give you the opportunity to heal more quickly.

Preparing for Knee Surgery Ahead of Time

  • Plan Early – Before you set a date for your operation, consider how a knee operation will affect your life. Things may be stressful after a joint replacement for at least a few weeks. Preparing now will make it smoother.
  • Ask Questions - The more information you know about the knee replacement surgery, the more likely you are to have realistic expectations about the knee pain that is to come. Do not be afraid to get the specifics from your doctor. How long will the surgery take? What kind of rehab will you get? How long will you be out of work? Write down the answers. Better yet, have a trusted friend or family member come with you to your appointment to take notes.

Knee Replacement Recovery

  • Exercise & Eat Well – If possible, try to get in better shape before your surgery. If you are physically fit, you will have a faster recovery time. Proper nutrition is not only a significant factor to general health and wellness, but it can also help the body heal faster from an injury, as well. Having the essential nutrients available for healing tissues will allow them to repair quicker.
  • Tweak Your Lifestyle – If you smoke, try to quit or cut back. Smoking can slow down recovery and wound healing. If you are overweight, try to make an effort to lose a couple of pounds before your surgery. Losing weight will ease the stress on your new knee and help you heal. Smoking and obesity both increase the risk of complications with joint replacement surgery.
  • Prepare Your Home - Before surgery, you can take steps to make the first weeks after surgery more manageable with a few simple changes around your home. Organize clutter and pick up any cords that may be resting on the floor. Move your furniture and rugs around to make broader paths for you to get through, along with moving commonly used items nearby and easily accessible.
  • Make your Physical Therapy Appointments – Before you have your knee replacement surgery, you should schedule your physical therapy appointments. Scheduling appointments ahead of time will ensure you get in to see the physical therapist as soon as possible and start healing faster.Work with your physical therapist to create a daily plan you can follow to have the best chance of a successful recovery. This might include daily and weekly goals for range of motion, specific stretches, and even a nutrition program.

After your knee replacement surgery, orthopedic rehabilitation can help with the process of healing. If you need post-surgical physical therapy, call Norfolk Physical Therapy at (402) 371-9707 to start your road to recovery today!

Posted on: Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Last modified on: Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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