Back and Neck Injury

Our back and neck injury treatments are composed of manual physical therapy techniques.  These techniques are used to relieve pain and restore function.  Many of us experience back or neck pain which can go away quickly without the need of treatment.  If the pain lasts longer than several weeks accompanied by symptoms into the arms or legs developing at the same time as another systemic situation, it is recommended to seek medical intervention.

The spine is an amazingly complex structure. Its 24 vertebrae are connected by intervertebral discs, numerous ligaments, facet joints and their capsules and spinal muscles. Together, these tissues work to move the spine in a controlled manner while protecting the spinal cord and its nerves. Pain in the back or neck can be experienced if there is an injury or irritation to any of the spine’s structures. The pain may be due to a recent trauma, but it is most often the result of small traumas, repeated over time.