Manual Physical Therapy

Manual physical therapy is an effective group of techniques that are designed to decrease pain, improve range of motion and flexibility to stiff joints and muscles.  Manual therapy involves one-on-one, hands on, active and passive intervention techniques.  We have found it to be most effective when combined with therapeutic exercise along with educating the patient.  Before designing a treatment program your physical therapist will begin with assessing joint alignment and mobility, muscle length as well as strength and balance.  We also will determine the movement coordination of any injured joints and muscles in functional patterns.

As two key components, your manual physical therapy treatment will involve mobilization and manipulation – skilled, passive movements to joints and their associated soft tissue structures. Other hands-on techniques may also be used, such as massage, stretching and deep pressure. In addition, there are several therapeutic techniques designed to improve movement patterns, including neuromuscular re-education, motor control training and core stabilization training.