Everyone who works at NPT deserves special recognition. I love this place! The level of care is extraordinary.
– Gary B.
Everything was so positive. I appreciate all that was done for me, and that my extreme pain was relieved after two treatments. You are a great group of professionals.
– Deb E.
Doug is excellent to explain conditions and problems connected, as well as progress being made.
– Shirley S.
Doug listened to my concerns and figured out a plan to help me. The place made me feel at home. I loved the experience! The support staff of young ladies is great!
– Randy M.
Therapy hours go quickly and are almost something to look forward to!
– Margy E.
I thought Dad was always treated with care by all of you concerning his special needs. You have my deepest regards and thanks.
– Cindy B.
Doug is always our favorite. He does a great job! We have always been very satisfied with Doug’s approach to helping us!
– Susan F.
I have had 32 surgeries, therefore I’ve been to numerous therapy clinics. Here, I received the most benefit of all other places.
– Emily R.
Everyone was always helpful, friendly and happy – makes going to therapy a fun thing – even when you are in pain. There were only positive vibes at NPT! Thank you for all you did.
– Dawn R.
Both my husband and I appreciate the respectful attitude every day we received care. Also the friendly attitude of all the staff, too.
– Betsy K.